Solitary Thoughts

Everything else deemed cathartic

Hues of Tunes

Playful sounds Cadences, jumpy nonetheless. Also, secure: Not so much as to smugness But more of lying in wait– either for a lover or a comrade, companionship that knows no strife. Or a good book, where the eyes satiate themselves; far-flung places, unreachable but still very much auspicious– sense, sight in the midst of coffee, […]

Mind, Dire

I tell myself Better– Better still to think; The brain assumes a certain Cadence: Like it tiptoes towards a certain looming Darkness, But clings to a luminescence of being. And with that, Better– Better still to think; Even in the midst of bludgeoning Chaos: Sometimes laughing, sometimes accusing Madness, Brought forth by a singular decapitation […]


It is like sitting in a wood All day With fire within, burning, but embers are all that remain; For as much as little stains Blots Dots Sit unperturbed, enclosed; In spaces–yes, those: They mar what the soul Desires to see:– Light and its omnipresence.


I figured that my mind has been throwing its own tantrums today. First, I could not think coherently (thus writing becoming very incomprehensible for me to do), with a lingering feeling of uneasiness coming in second. So what do I feel? I feel nauseous for myself, as though my mind could not breathe; add to […]

Humidifier To Boot

And so I got this humidifier from a colleague who had to dispatch it as it was imperative to do so for personal reasons. She came to the faculty room once then urged me to take it since she felt I might need it better than she does (as she knows my how insomnia plagues […]

Starting on a Clean Slate

Those who might have been following this blog may notice that all my previous posts have been deprecated. This is because I have resolved to start all over again, to commence another chapter, to initiate another opportunity for newer content that I now aim to be more straightforward and open. Also, not much of the […]