Hues of Tunes

Playful sounds Cadences, jumpy nonetheless. Also, secure: Not so much as to smugness But more of lying in wait– either for a lover or a comrade, companionship that knows no strife. Or a good book, where the eyes satiate themselves; far-flung places, unreachable but still very much auspicious– sense, sight in the midst of coffee, […]

Mind, Dire

I tell myself Better– Better still to think; The brain assumes a certain Cadence: Like it tiptoes towards a certain looming Darkness, But clings to a luminescence of being. And with that, Better– Better still to think; Even in the midst of bludgeoning Chaos: Sometimes laughing, sometimes accusing Madness, Brought forth by a singular decapitation […]


It is like sitting in a wood All day With fire within, burning, but embers are all that remain; For as much as little stains Blots Dots Sit unperturbed, enclosed; In spaces–yes, those: They mar what the soul Desires to see:– Light and its omnipresence.