A Pandemic Worse then Covid-19

There’s 6 of us at home – my wife, 4 children and myself – all stuck at home for more than a week already due to the enhanced community quarantine enforced by the Philippine government for residents of Luzon. Covid-19 is perhaps the most publicized pandemic in human history, thanks to high transmission rate, social media and the drastic measures taken by the governments of different countries. We see and hear about it anywhere.

There’s something worse than Covid-19 and I see it everywhere. In the workplace, the church, the family, everywhere and I bet you see it too. Worse, we’re all infected by it at one point in time. Some of us have it come and go like the common cold while others are chronically infected by it and even transmit it to others.

The Disease: Not My Problem Mentality

It’s been lurking in the shadows of human civilization for centuries and I call it the “Not My Problem Mentality“. It’s contagious and it can lodge itself in people’s mind for a lifetime.


  • Ignoring the obvious
  • Pointing fingers
  • Self-righteousness

Example #1

In your house you see a piece of trash on the floor. You ignore it and think “It’s not my job to clean it up. I already did my part, let them do theirs.” and continue with your life leaving the trash behind.

Example #2

At work you overhear a workmate needing help on something and you know you can but instead of helping out you think to yourself “Not my problem. Let him deal with it. As long as I do my job well I’m good.” and continue with your work as if you heard nothing.

Example #3

A friend tells you his problem, you smile, gloss over it, think to yourself, “I have my own problems, your problem is not my problem” and switch the topic to something else.


Fortunately it can be cured. It’s just that most of us don’t want the cure because it means moving out of our comfort zone and more work. The cure is to simply CARE. Care for your others, care for your family, care for the community, care for humanity in general. That’s all it takes really but CARE is not something that we all want to do. Care is beyond nice thoughts. To care is to show concern by taking physical action that deals with the problem at hand.

No we don’t have to deal with the world’s problems. We just to have to deal with the problems that are presented to us. Instead of saying “Not my problem” or “I don’t care” why not try to simply pick up that trash and put it in the bin, or pass some good advise to your workmate or perhaps just lend an open ear to a friend.

Let’s stop this not my problem mindset from spreading.

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