A smile can go a long way

Just to be clear, I am an introvert so this blog post is written from an introvert’s perspective.

It’s too bad that people think of introverts as lonely islands who don’t smile that much. This is the reason why people think we’re sad all the time but we know that this is simply not true.

But then maybe it’s our fault. Our personality gives the impression that we are detached from society because we seldom talk, socialize, and yes, smile.

I used to give the impression of being “too serious” to people I don’t know and I think I still convey that image from time to time but I’ve improved. I know I have because more people now think that I’m “always happy”.

Smiling can go a long way. We don’t have to socialize all the time or be extroverted in any way. We just have to smile more. Smile when you meet someone, smile when someone stares at you, smile at the cashier, smile at your boss and smile at yourself.

It takes practice especially if you’re not used to smiling to strangers but the more you do it the more natural it becomes.

Do you have to do it? Of course not. All I’m suggesting is that if you’ve had enough of people saying you’re too gloomy then perhaps you just need to smile more. You’ve got nothing to lose and perhaps you’ll gain a few additional friends here and there.

Personally, I find it to be relaxing, energizing and satisfying when I smile. Heck, I’m smiling right now as I’m typing this blog post and it feels good. It can get unnerving at first but everything can be achieved with practice.

Smile more.

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