Believe in yourself

You perhaps have heard this a million times already – “Believe in yourself” but my question is do you?

Truth is it’s hard to believe in yourself if people around you, especially those you call your “loved ones” don’t. You try to actually take action on a great idea that you had and you don’t find people, even your loved ones, supporting you.

Some would even proactively discourage you.

Sucks, I know, and it is in times like this when you really have to believe in yourself.

So what if they don’t. So what if they discourage you. So what if they look down at what you’re doing. So what if they think you should be doing something else.

So what! Yes, so what! Because in the end it’s you who will have to take account of your actions, not them.

Believe in yourself, YES. Believe in yourself. You can do it and if you fail then at least you can proudly tell the world that you tried.

The worse thing you can do is not try fleshing out an idea because nobody supported you, not even yourself.

So again, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. That way you know that you have at least one person who stands by you – YOU.

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