Empty yet Full
Photo by waferboard (CC BY 2.0)

Empty yet Full

I’m the type of person who’d have a short streak of ideas and productivity and then a whole lot of nothingness.

Some call it procrastination but I’ve learned to see it as my own personal rhythm and it is in these moments of emptiness that I deeply mull over things in my life – my past, my present and my future. My wife hates it as it can be weeks weeks of what outwardly looks like laziness. I can’t blame her for it nor can I explain to her clearly.

So what happens to me during these moments in the void?

I get nourishment.

Think of it as eating slowly, chewing, savoring each bite and taking as much time as I need to make sure that I get all nutrients that I can. It is during these days that I process my life, learn from it and try to make sense of what happened, what’s happening and what will happen afterwards.

I know it may sound stupid for you but it works for me.

In a sense, yes, it’s like the emptiness fills me not in a negative way but in a very positive manner. It satisfies me, energizes me and gives me the will to move forward again.

If you see someone doing nothing, don’t be quick to judge as he might just be getting filled in his moments of emptiness.

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