Handling Chronophobia

No human being knows what tomorrow will bring. We can make educated guesses but we never really know as the future is always subject to change. This very thought scares many people to the bone. Perhaps it scares even you.

There is however a simple thing you can do to handle you fear of the future.

Chronophobia is defined as the persistent and often irrational fear of the future or the fear of passing time. Source

The key word in the above definition is “irrational” and you know you’re being irrational if you practically can’t move forward with life because of chronophobia.

How do I suggest that you handle this? Simple – LET GO.

There is another fear related to chronophobia and it’s called xenophobia – the fear of the unknown.

In my opinion both are irrational. It’s fine to worry a bit but phobia is too much. LET GO.

Why let go? Because you have no absolute control over it. The only thing that you can control are your own actions and your actions can only do so much. So do whatever you can then LET GO.

No point in living a paralyzed life over things you can’t really control.

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