Life’s moves and countermoves

I play chess but I’m not that good. I play for the sake of playing but I’ve had the opportunity to play against good and really good players. I’ve even had the opportunity to play with two brothers of a chess grandmaster against which I lost a million times.

While I did not improve a lot in the game, I did learn one valuable thing – moves and countermoves.

The good chess players think at least 3 steps ahead. The best ones even more. Most of us newbies just react. The good ones on the other hand herd the newbies to directions that they have planned.

I think life works in a similar manner.

The happy-go-lucky “players” in life just react to things around them. They “ride the tide” and it’s fun. Hakuna matata is their life motto and it’s all good. Feeling hungry? Eat! Feeling sleepy? Sleep! Feeling tired? Rest! Feeling bored? Get out and have fun!

Most of the time, they really don’t care about the future. “Come what may” they say.

Then there are the planners. They plan ahead. They think of the possible consequences and/or benefits of the actions that are about to take. They typically try to predict the future and as they become more experienced, their predictions become more accurate.

The planners have fun as well but always in a calculated way.

Lastly we have the strategists. People who look at the bigger picture of life and device ways to squeeze the best out of it, if possible every last drop of it – not just for themselves but also for the rest of us. They are the world changers, they create things that push life to become something better.

Some of us hate them, some of us love them and some of us just don’t care. These strategists employ the planners to enforce their strategies and even the “happy-go-lucky” as laborers.

They are the grandmasters of life. When you move, you’re probably moving in the direction that they want you to move, unless of course you’re one of them.

So which one are you?

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