Pay your dues
Photo by Jason Rogers (CC BY 2.0)

Pay your dues

No I’m not talking about financial obligations though we must also pay those dues. Instead I’m talking a different kind of due, one that we usually overlook.

Respect and Love.

I’m writing this blog post now because I see a rampant neglect among us humans when it comes to paying respect and love to each other. It’s as if we no longer care about our neighbor, that we only care for yourself.

If you’re not blind then you too can see this problem in couples, families, work, school and even the government. Worse, all we usually do is demand that the other party show us love and respect when we ourselves do not.

I don’t know how this can be fixed but I do not what’s expected of me and so I strive to pay my dues to humanity through love and respect.

Do you think of yourself as someone in position? Then love your subordinates. Are you a subordinate? Then respect those who are above you. If half of humanity will just do that then we’re already halfway there.

To really get there, we must all up the ante by respecting and loving one another – yes, that is everyone.

Really, if we do this then we’ll be solving a lot of the problems that our race is now facing – global warming, world hunger, wars and more.

If were to receive a billing statement of all our unpaid dues to humanity, how much do you think would it be? So yeah, let us all be diligent and up to date in paying our dues to humanity. Let us at least start by trying.

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