Rich rats, poor rats

I think you already know where I’m going with this so just like any post, it’s up to you whether you want to go on reading or not. Besides, you’re not my minion so the choice is really yours to make.

But that’s not the case for most. I don’t know if it’s society forcing us people to be what what we are or our choice to simply accept what life puts on our table.

I already talked about the bigger rat race so now let’s talk about the bigger, richer, fatter rat as well. Yeah, you know who I’m talking about. Of course I don’t meant to undermine the superiority of the human race but for the sake of poking our brains, allow me to compare us to rats for now.

Imagine a big circle with a a series of smaller circles in it. The smaller the circle, the more rats in it. Let’s say we have 5 concentric circles. The smallest have 100 small rats, the next circle is bigger with 50 slightly bigger rats, then next have 25 medium-sized rats, the next have 12 big rats and the last circle, the outer circle have 5 huge rats in it.

Yeah, I know that’s a lot of rats! If you’re imagination is as vivid as mine then you can imagine how crowded the 100 rats are in their small circle no matter how small they are. They compete for space, food and whatever resources are available in their small circle.

The next set of rats enjoy more space, more resources but are still crowded. The medium-sized rats are no longer as crowded as the ones in the smaller circles and they sort of enjoy life better than the ones in the smaller circles. The smaller rats look up to these medium-sized rats and perhaps even hope to be like them in the future.

Needless to say, the 12 rats in the 4th circle run freely in their bigger circle. While the circle of the medium-sized rats maybe enough, there’s always this feeling of their space being too crowded whenever they compare their lifestyles to the 12 bigger rats in the upper circle.

Then finally, the 5 huge rats in the outer circle. They smoke cigars, they are the big bosses of their world and just about everybody works for them in one way or another. They medium-sized rats and the 12 big rats look up to them and want to be like them but these 5 huge rats are practically invisible to those in the first 2 small circles. The small rats feel their power but they’re too far from them they can’t even imagine what life is like for these 5 big bosses.

The small rats either fear, hate or love these huge rats but the huge rats don’t really care. They are the strategists of their world and the smallest rats are just pawns in their life’s game of chess.

Such is life at least when you compare it to power. There’s always some sort of hierarchy where the ones at the top make the decisions and the ones below take the blow.

We’re all rats of the same species. It’s just that some managed to climb out of the mud and become self-made billionaires, influencers, or what not while some were handed over their status in life by their parents whether it be poverty or wealth.

If we’re all of the same species then we all have the same equal opportunity to move to a bigger circle if we want to. To be a bigger rat running round and inside a bigger circle. It’s all about the choice that we make.

Do you choose to stay and accept life as it is? Or are you fed up (or perhaps simply bored) of where you’re at and choose to move up?

One thing’s for sure, we’re all smarter than rats and we all can make better choices in life.

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