Unruly Resilient Flexible Filipinos

Unruly Resilient Flexible Filipinos

I was once told that we Filipinos are like dogs – we don’t really care about life if all is well and good but when we fight to our teeth when backed in a corner. We simply don’t want to be ruled by anyone whether it be foreigners or local politicians.

The Spaniards colonized the Philippines us for 333 years – every year of which being a year of defiance from the Filipinos. We adjusted our customs, even changed our religion but the Spanish never had a day of absolute peace knowing that Filipinos can revolt at any second.

In 1898 Spain ceded the Philippines to the United States of America together with Guam and Puerto Rico for $20M. They too had trouble governing the Filipinos. They may colonize us and we may not win a war against them but we sure will make it absolutely hard to manage our unruly existence.

Once more we adjusted our customs picking up the things that we like from the Americans. So over the hundreds of years of colonization from Spain and USA we began to have mixed identities and yet remain Filipinos.

I’m a proud Filipino and it’s because of my love for my own people and country that I am saying this. Resilience and Flexibility are traits that we have to keep at all times but being Unruly is another thing. When a foreign country invades us then yes let’s go ahead and be unruly never submitting to foreign rule but why is it that we stay being an unruly bunch even in times of freedom.

We are free! The people in our government our Filipinos. True they may have their own hidden agendas but I sure prefer them over foreign rule. There’s no point in rebelling against ourselves.

Jesus Christ said it best in Matthew 12:25 – Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.

No wonder we’re always having a hard time improving our country. We despise rulers even if the rulers are our own. This makes no sense. Let’s try for once to stop being unruly and learn to love our leaders, our country and our fellowmen.

Maybe, just maybe, if we do this we can be a better people.

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