We’re all prisoners

Nobody wants to be a prisoner.

I certainly don’t but come to think of it, it seems like we’re all prisoners of something. It does seem like we’re all caged by something in our life, caged to a point where it feels near impossible to get out of it.

I’d love to give personal examples but I’m in no liberty to tell you what my prisons in life are for the sake of other people involved but I think you get the point.

We can be caged by obvious negative things in life like vices, addiction, hatred, debt, sin, etc. but we can also be prisoners of the positive like religion, family, marriage, passion, and work. Then there are the prisons that we make for ourselves like promises and obligations and prisons put upon us by others such as expectations and social standards.

Of course these things happen in life and we are not necessarily prisoners of these things.

So how do you know that you’ve been a prisoner? Well, my rule of thumb is simple – if it makes you feel dry, dark or dirty then it’s probably a prison.

So, what are the things that imprisons you in life right now?

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